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Throughout the year, Foxfield offers events, like the Little Sisters Program and holiday play-days, that emphasize fun and learning.

Foxfield Little Sisters Program

Every year, Foxfield offers ten of its most dedicated younger students "Big Sister" mentors. Throughout the summer, Big Sisters offer their Little Sisters a series of lectures and hands-on tutorials that teach not just riding, but grooming, horse-care and all-round horsemanship.

At summer's end, the Little Sisters are put to the test over two consecutive weekends. On the first weekend, they demonstrate their newfound knowledge on a written exam. A week later, a one day competition--in which the Little Sisters must groom, braid and ride an unfamiliar horse with no assistance from anyone--tests their practical skills.

Holiday Play-Days

During the weeks of Halloween and Christmas, some of Foxfield's group lessons become holiday play-days. Games and contests replace many of the lessons' usual exercises. Riders can win prizes for holiday costumes, stall decorations, or victory in games like Hand-in-Hand or Egg-'n-Spoon.

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