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The Jumping Derbies at Foxfield are among the few events of their kind in the United States. Since their inception in 1980, thousands of spectators have come to watch top riders compete from all over the west. The Derbies have proven to be great testing grounds for future champions. Many of today's Grand Prix riders competed here earlier in their careers, including 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist Will Simpson, three-time World Cup Finals Champion Meredith Michaels Beerbaum, Susie Hutchison, Hap Hansen and Mark Watring, among others.

Where the Foxfield Jumping Derbies test how high a horse can jump a difficult course, the Foxfield Medal Finals test its riders' effectiveness and elegance over a course that is similar in difficulty, but not in size. Like the Foxfield Jumping Derbies, the Foxfield Medal Finals asks riders to complete a course of fences that combine traditional arena obstacles with cross-country obstacles that present riders with different types of challenges. But where speed is the tie-breaker in Foxfield's Jumping Derbies, skill decides the winners in the Medal Finals; finalists must complete a second round of tests, both over fences and on the flat.

The Foxfield Medal Final offers two divisions -- one for riders 18-35 years old and another for riders 36 & over. Winners are determined in each division, but the Grand Championship is awarded after a work-off between the ten highest-scoring riders from both divisions.


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