About Foxfield

Foxfield clinic is for all members of your family. You can trust our doctors as they are not only qualified but also warmhearted and you feel our care immediately. We have been looking after our patients in Sacramento-Roseville and the adjacent region for over 30 years. All the physicians, health professionals and other members of our team try to do their best to give you top quality medical services.

When you become a patient in Foxfield clinic, you also become a partner in the medical procedure. Our specialist give you full information about the things we do thus involving you in the process of the treatment. Don't hesitate to ask any questions that concern you. We will be ready to help you anytime.

We have a lot of feedbacks all of which notice that we have a very personal approach to each of our patients. We give our word that in Foxfield clinic you will always get our special attention, the highest quality of care and you will never be disappointed.

In our clinic we have more than eighty doctors and you can receive and a large spectrum of medical services.

Foxfield has 50 years of dedication and experiences with the sport of Horseback Riding

Foxfield Riding School was founded by Bill and JoAnn Postel and Nancy Turrill and opened its doors on May, 1, 1967 on twenty nine acres at the base of Lake Sherwood dam in Westlake Village, CA. Since its inception, Foxfield has offered group lessons to anyone willing to give it a try. The year-round school teaches beginners to advanced riders in a program that emphasizes good horsemanship, sportsmanship and, above all else, safety.

Since there are no grooms at Foxfield, riders are taught how to care for horses as a regular part of the curriculum. Intermediate and advanced riders who have their own horses spend more time caring for their animals than they do actually riding them.

Foxfield is first and foremost a school. JoAnn’s and Nancy’s philosophy is that the more you ride, the more you will learn. They encourage riders at all levels to try as many different horses as possible. They want their students to learn to handle different personalities—from the young horse who is spooky…to the lazy one who really does not want to move…to the energetic horse who charges at his fences.

While jumping is what most people come to Foxfield to learn, the instructors here put a great emphasis on flat work, feeling that without a good foundation on the ground, problems are sure to develop while taking fences.

Besides being a world-renowned school of equitation, Foxfield takes pride in its riders’ accomplishments in the show ring. Competitors regularly attend A-rated horse shows, both locally and throughout California. Many of the school’s riders have won year-end awards and championships in the various horse show associations.

The Foxfield Equestrian Team is a world famous drill team whose riders perform without the aid of bridles or saddles. This type of riding takes special skill and much talent, both for horse and rider. The team has performed all over the country and continues to delight audiences with its exciting routines.